Our Story

We believe that one of the greatest problems in Africa and in the world we currently live in is not just AIDS, Cancer or just many other currently incurable diseases. Many of these illnesses can be cured or even delayed with modern medicine.  However, there is not a medical prescription for loneliness, despair, hopelessness and the lack of love.

Having received so much love in my lifetime, I have grown to feel that it is perhaps my calling to also share the same love with orphans, homeless children and widows back in Cameroon where I come from originally.

One incident forever changed me and also gave me more reasons to embark on this project which I call Love Mission.

This situation was that of a member of my family in Cameroon who lost both her parents within just two years and had nowhere to live. So, she ended up having to give up having an education and taking up the job of a cleaner just in order not to turn to prostitution.

However, this is just one story as there are hundreds of other rather similar ones…and so I decided to take action with the help of 1 volunteer.

 35687113_135322040678631_8393055090742657024_n.jpgHelene DALLE AKAM – DIN, Our founder with a gift of sharing compassion and joy. 

She currently works  as AR manager within Hasbro and has been for more than 4 years within a team of 6 employees. She is passionate about helping others in need and showing compassion towards others all over the world.


Henri Din (Helene’s husband) also a human full of compassion

He is currently working as building site supervisor for Bouygues UK and has been for more than 15 years. Henri is passionate about building projects that can enable communities escape poverty and prevent poor people from living on the street. In tandem with his company, he plans to help to build the Love Mission community centre in Cameroon.